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Not passed over for Passover

6 Apr

I had a fear going into the season of Pesach that we would not get to participate in a seder. Sure, there are the community ones, or we could fumble our way through our own, but I wanted a Real, Authentic Passover Experience. Thanks to the mitzvah of hospitality (or, less cynically, the goodness of peoples’ hearts), we have been invited to several.

This is particularly exciting to me because last year at Passover-time was when I realized that I needed Judaism in my life. I have no idea where it quite came from, but, suddenly, the desire to be Jewish overwhelmed any nervousness I had, something a good friend of mine promised would happen someday.

Matthew wrote a wonderful and hilarious post over at TC Jewfolk about Purim and holidays in general. We each have a different perspective on how to “do” holidays. For the record, I think he’s totally wrong. (No, I’m kidding. Really. He’s wrong about everything else, though.)