Latkes n’ Lefse? OY BETCHA!

11 Jan

A while back we wanted to start a blog talking about our conversion to Judaism. We don’t think it’ll break any new ground, or anything, but converts, or Jews by Choice as some like to be called, well… we’re a weird bunch. Most of us are doing it for religious reasons and so many Jews today are mainly secular.

Also it’s not exactly the easiest religion to shoehorn yourself into. Jewish communities are very welcoming, but they are, above all, communities. They’re tight-knit. And some are justifiably wary of the curious.

We can’t exactly sneak in, either. We’re about as Midwestern as you can get. I do all the Minnesota staples from downing hotdish, to staying at a comfortable 90 degree angle from anyone I’m talking to. And my wife is from the river valley in Wisconsin. She may as well have been born floating down the Mississippi on an inner tube raft with a Grain Belt in her hand.

I mean, seriously, our kids look like they fell out of an IKEA catalog. There’s no slipping in under the radar. We stick out. So hey, why not go with it, eh?

Minnesota may not be the Promised Land, but it’s our land, and it’s our home. And we’ll set our Shabbat table with the best lutefisk, wild rice soup, and challah we can make and raise a brew to the Frozen Chosen. Oy betcha!


One Response to “Latkes n’ Lefse? OY BETCHA!”

  1. Dmitry January 18, 2011 at 1:59 am #


    I am a transplant to Minnesota. Speaking of lefse and lutefisk, I had a chance to try the first, and enjoyed it a lot — I come from Belarus, where potatoes rule. Now for the lutefisk. I’ve made an honest attempt to try it – bought a sealed package of it at the store a few years ago. Since it is a fish, and prepared in a manner that is more akin to sterilization than cooking, I assume that it is kosher. However, that would be an interesting question to pose to a rabbi. Unfortunately, as neither myself nor my wife are proficient at cooking this particular breed of fish, it did not taste. At all. Do you know of any restaurants around Minneapolis that serve good lutefisk?

    Thank you,


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